Preventive Care

What is preventive health care? Preventive care is nothing but prevention of illness and ailments. Because disease prevention is better than treatment. Just as health encompasses an assortment of physical and mental states, disease and disabilities, which are influenced by environmental components, hereditary predisposition and way of life, also increase. The three things uncontrollable by people are health, illnesses and limitations that begin before people admit that they are affected. Preventive care depends on how we anticipate the disease and ailments.

Our Preventive health care initiative is something that fits the lifestyle of our generation. Preventive health care is such an approach to keep track of every detail of the patient’s symptoms and ailments. And the goal is to check those which are dangerous. The other goal that Octaplus Medicare has is to make it accessible and mobile and we have been successful in it.

Taking into account the costs of medicines and healthcare in our country and also with the rapidly changing times requirements we came up with a preventive home care package. Preventive healthcare package is nothing more than a series of tests and analyzes of your state of health. There are some diseases that show early signs and preventive care is such a strategy that helps us find it at the right time

At Octaplus Bangalore we have with us the elites of the medical fraternity to make this a successful proposal and we have devised this Preventive Home Health Care package.

Preventive Home Care package includes:

  • Advanced Health Records management software system and mobile application to manage your health records on online.
  • Detailed, personalized report and observation from our Doctors panel.
  • Personalized diet plan from Dietician panel.
  • Personalized fitness plan from our Fitness panel.
  • Breast Examination (For Women over 40 Years of Age)
  • Continued health treatment plan (if diagnosed), check-ups & constant monitoring by trained nurse.
  • Real-time patient data transfer from our software system to Doctors panel and monitoring panel for regular feedbacks, dosage adjustment’s and more.
  • Physician Visits with frequency that is determined based on need.
  • Door delivery of Prescription medication at a discount.
  • Easy & Quick appointment scheduling with Top Doctors & Specialist Medical Consultants.
  • 24/7 Online access to all your health records through web app & mobile app anywhere in the world.